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Cerita JALAN REMAJA 1208 2012 #madeinIndonesia

di Agustus 21, 2012

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Gratefully, I could make a post for this blog, again!

Do you know about International Youth Day which is celebrated every August 12nd? Do you know about JALAN REMAJA 1208 as an effort to celebrate Youth’s day with a positive way? Do not know yet? It’s ok, no problem. Let’s look for the answers here.

Yayasan Kampung Halaman as a NGO who concentrate and care about Youth character building organizes an event named JALAN REMAJA 1208 to celebrate International Youth Day once time a year. This year, YKH picked #madeinIndonesia as a big topic for JALAN REMAJA 1208 2012. The topic #madeinIndonesia hopefully can make Indonesian’s Youth speak up and tell a lot about everything that they feel and think about their country, Indonesia. It is also maybe about their identity as Indonesian, what are they worried about, also the critic for this country. This is an interpretation feature by Youth for representing Youth’s original thinking.

Before we celebrate it on August 12nd, Indonesia’s Youth was gathering their video diary in YKH. After gathering, the next process is selection, the juries are looking for 10 the best and the most inspirational video diaries.  Then when August 12rd, those most inspirational video diaries screened and after that, we did a discussion with BW Purbaneagara (a filmmaker of Bermula Dari A) and the spectators. We also had a talk with Mbak Cicillia Maharani, the top of YKH about behind the stories the video from Ambon and Papua. Then we watch a film by BW, ‘Say Hello to Yellow’ which has a good moral value.

Let me tell you about the video diaries which are participate in JALAN REMAJA 1208 2012 #madeinIndonesia. From our friends in Ambon (Ale Rasa Beta Rasa), they told us about their careness for Ambon’s peace. Our friends from Papua made a video diary which tells about deforestation in ther hometown because there are people who want to build palm estate. The video diary from Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) is also inspiring us, they try to tell us about harmony in religious life between Islam and Katholik. And I think the most inspiring video diary is from our friends in Sulawesi Selatan. They support their self that even they do a farming, they still can be study at school too! WOW!

There are some stands from handmade craft, ice cream, t-shirt sellers and some from community. All of them are Jogja’s Youth people whose have a lot of creative idea and they are care with the others to invite us to join their positive events like gathering the books for people who need books. They made JALAN REMAJA 1208 #madeinIndonesia fun and crowded enough. And the performers were so gorgeous too, all of them all Youth people!

And finally, thank you so much for all my friends who was participate in JALAN REMAJA 1208 2012 #madeinIndonesia, all committees, YKH~~~

So, who are not proud with Indonesia’s Youth people???!

NB: to see the photos of this event, please go to ^_^

صَلَّى اللّهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّد - صَلَّى الله عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم

semoga kalian berkunjung kembali ~♥

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