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First Time with Jogja Java Carnival 2011

di November 05, 2011

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I still could post something in this blog!

Let me tell you about my experience:
It was my first time join a big public event as a participant not as a watcher. The event is Jogja Java Carnival (JJC) 2011 which was held on October, 23rd, 2011 at Malioboro road. This year, JJC's topic is MagniWorld. It started by a message from my senior. She wrote: Hey, wanna join us? You just should be ancient and energetic! The rehearsal will be held tomorrow, so confirm your arrival now!

I didn’t know anything about JJC before, but dunno why I just want to be there. Then I invite my friends from the same majors in campus to participate. We came to Roemah Pelantjong at Magelang road Km 8. In front of Rucong –the way we called Roemah Pelantjong –there was a big imitation of dinosaurus made from bamboo. Its length is about 10-15 meters, width 3-5 meters, and I’m not sure for the weight because it looks really heavy. We called the dino is bamboosaurus, it is so amazing! They made it among 1 month.

when they made the sheep

when they made the bamboosaurus

Rucong is a place which popular with their declaration Jogja as a slow city. So they sell everything about something that shows Jogja as a slow city. They sell limun too! Whoa, limun is a popular drink in my childhood! At the second floor, Rucong have a gallery. At Rucong’s gallery we do the dance rehearsal with 20 friends other, they came from ISI Jogja and SMKI Jogja. We danced until night, and just did it in 2 days –today and yesterday. Our properties are batik clothes with simple cut to shows we are from the past age, stick bamboo, cute sheep made by friends from ISI Jogja, and for the boy is just boxer with body painting

when they did body painting

this is the girls from our team

At the day, first, we arrived at the basecamp where the other participants prepare for their performance. We could see the other amazing performers here. There were Solo Batik Carnival team, Clown community team, a team wore Komodo costume, team which showed Palembang’s traditional art, team with beauty ladies wore the hat which looked like 7 wonders of world, Reog Ponorogo team, wushu team, and many more.
when they with Palembang team

when they with Bule hahaha LOL

We were the second last performer, so we moved at 9 pm. I thought the citizens was go home because it near midnight. It would be quite, and no one watch our performance. But, the fact is they are not going home! Whoa, so they still stand up at the edge of road along the Malioboro road.  http://www.emocutez.comThey gave us applause, shouted like us `Huba! Huba!`, and laughed at us. They appreciated our bamboosaurus and our funny performance.

when our bamboosaurus perform in front of Sultan

Oke, it was so interesting event at all, because I could perform in front of Sultan’s family and be the limelight of Jogja's citizens . But I felt so exhausted because I had to yell, walk and dance along Malioboro road until arrived at Kraton Jogja. I think I got dehydration, ugh!


صَلَّى اللّهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّد - صَلَّى الله عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم

semoga kalian berkunjung kembali ~♥

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Fiction's World on 5 November 2011 16.38 mengatakan...

heee kayaknya rame tuh :O eh bukan kayaknya lagi ya, emang rame :D

Andy on 6 November 2011 09.11 mengatakan...

Ouw ini sama kaya acara Solo karnival bulan kemarin ya ?
Acara kaya begini bagus banget,soalnya biar ank muda jaman sekarang tahu dengan kebudayaan daerah asli Indonesia & agar tetap lestari
Dah aku follow blog kamu,gantian follow back balik ya

Akmal Fahrurizal on 7 November 2011 07.37 mengatakan...

it's been a long time I never travel to yogya anymore.. :(

ibnu on 7 November 2011 09.29 mengatakan...

it sounds great
hope I can be there next year

Qori Market on 7 November 2011 19.13 mengatakan...

i'm not there....
its looks like big crowd,
unluckily, its hard to find like that in my city ;(

Ipah on 8 November 2011 07.46 mengatakan...

@tiara : iyaaa bunch of human :O berasa artes pokoknya wakakkaak

@andy : iyee biar pada unjuk kreatifitas, asal gak buang2 duit aja.

@akmal : so why dont you go there again :p

@qori : yeah, its really a big big big crowd! hahhaha, why dont you be the first who make somethin like that :p

Muhammad A Vip on 8 November 2011 12.05 mengatakan...

serunya, iedul adha kalah. sayang aku gak datang

Itik Bali on 8 November 2011 12.28 mengatakan...

Mungkin kalo di Bali kaya acara Pesta Seni Tahunan gitu ya?

bintangair on 12 November 2011 14.01 mengatakan...

wah acaranya keren ya..
pengen deh main ke jogja.

rizal on 14 November 2011 21.46 mengatakan...

Solo has Solo Batik Carnival,,,

Such an awesome event.. international event

B.A.N.A. on 25 November 2011 14.29 mengatakan...

beeeeh rame banget anjrit dah...

tapi gak bahasa inggris juga kaliii mbak..
kasian saya yg tuna english ini (gabisa bhs bule)

nice dah postingannya :))

B.A.N.A. on 26 November 2011 08.03 mengatakan...

beeeeeuh...seru banget ya...
tapi kalo lebih seru mending pakai bahas indonesia aja mbak...kasian saya yg tuna english ini (gabisa bahasa bule mhuahaheuehueh)


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